Rooting Supplies.


rooting needles3

These wonderful needles will pick up only one or two hairs. There is only 1 barb total on the needle. They leave no visible hole and are perfect for ultra micro rooting. These needles are UNCUT.

They come packaged: 10 needles for $7.00 or
25 needles for $12.00 and come in two sizes:


If you are unable to add the item to your shopping cart, that means I am sold out but more are on the way.

42g 1 Barb needles

42g Needles

43g 1 Barb Needles

43g Needles

Crown Rooting Needles

rooting needles3

46g crown needles are perfect for rooting in silicone or doing the fine wispy hairs around the hairline.

Crown needles have 3 barbs, one on each side of the needle, all at the same level and close to the end of the needle.

I have 2 sizes; 42g crown and 46g crown.

Currently only available in packages of 10 for $10.00

46g Crown Needles

10 count for $10.00

42g Crown Needles

10 count $10.00



rooting needles3

42g Compact needles from Precious Little Baby Dust. These needles were discovered by Precious Little baby Dust while they were on the hunt for a needles that would root one hair at a time and not leave a visible hole.

With barbs all the way arond the needle, it will grab a hair each and every time.

Due to the many barbs on these needles, they are only recommended for ultra micro rooting where you literally only root one hair at a time. If you were to stab root or push this needle into a lock of hair then the barbs will catch many hairs.

These are priced a little higher than the One Barbed ones as I had to import them in.

10 needles - $10.00

24 needles - $22.00

PLBD Compact Needles

10 count

PLBD Compact Needles

24 count

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